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"I can't believe how much fun my family and I had"

Paul Proly

Station Manager

Radio Disney Orlando


August 20 2007

We did make it out, we had a party of 19 and went out yesterday (Sunday, August 19th) and everyone had a BLAST. I caught lots of fish...not the SHARK, I had hoped for but it just got me thinking I should do the SHARK night trip later on and see if I can manage to catch one or two...hahah Only one person in our party got sick, and we all had a wonderful time. Please thank your staff and crew! :)   The staff and crew were very helpful, courteous and made our trip that much more fun for everyone in our party. Our party of 19 people had ages 16 through 50+ and everyone was entertained and had a great time. The galley food was quite yummie and reasonably priced. For the first-timers like myself to the most AVID fisherman, your boat will entertain and thrill all. Great JOB, will definitely look forward to fishing with ya'll again!! FISH ON....
Denice S.

daytona beach Fl


July 28 2007

I was a regular fisherman at the  xxxxxxxx.  My son and I wanted to try a different boat and our experience with you guys was exceptional.  The crew members did a great and fantastic job today.  I would especially like to mention the young guy Mike.  He was very helpful with myself and everyone around me.  Employees like him you should reward and acknowledged.  I also like the way in which you moved to different spots when the fish were not biting.  My son and I will be back really soon.  Thank you for a great fun time.  You now have another pleased and regular customer.

Adolfo     Sanford , FLd , FL


July 29 2007


My son and I had a great day deep sea fishing on your boat on Thursday July 26th. The crew was great. Can you tell me if the pictures that were taken will be posted for that day?

Thank You,


Daytona Beach

Special 12 Hr trip Sun Dec 30 2007 6am to 6pm just $99Welcome to the Home of the Past Time

The Premier Party Fishing Boat Serving the Greater Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach Deep Sea Fishing Community

Located in Beautiful New Smyrna Beach, a 15 minute drive from Daytona Beach and 55 from Orlando. The Pastime is a large, 100 foot, fully air-conditioned fishing vessel with all the latest electronics. To see the Pastime and to learn more about the specifics of the boat go to our fishing boat page

If you have never been deep sea fishing before or are an experienced angler you've come to the right place. A day fishing on the Pastime Princess is great fun for everyone. We cater to the first timer as well as the seasoned veteran. Everyone was a first timer once and we understand that you may not know which end of the fishing rod to hold (well I guess everyone knows that but you get my point).  Hey, fishing isn't brain surgery, if it was you would need a brain surgeon.

Enjoy a breakfast of fresh cooked bacon and eggs or a delicious 1/3 Lbs Hamburger, cooked to order with lettuce, tomato and pickles from our onboard galley the High Seas Cafe.

We have a 1/2 hour video that was taken on 2 Sunday trips and some footage from a Full Moon Mango night trip. To see the video visit our Pastime fishing video page.

Are you interested in raising funds for your church or school? If so, please visit our fundraiser page to learn how you can receive 1/3 of your fair back.

For fisherman who fish with us on a regular basis we have a couple of fishing packages to help reduce the cost of a days fishing. We have the Past Time Deep Sea fishing club and the frequent flyer card. Click on each link to see what they are all about.

You can buy fishing gift certificates online and we will personalize them for you. We us paypal for secure online ordering

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I was raised on the Trask River, and one morning we were awakened by a drift boat fisherman who wanted to drive thru the field and remove their boat from the river about 1/2 hour after daylight. Dad expalined the boat ramp was down river a few miles. The poor fisherman explained his reason for abandoning a prime fishing day so early, was they had overturned their drift boat and lost one of their 2 oars. His companions were waiting at the boat with what was left of their tackle and poles. They had pretty much lost everything when the boat got into some brush near the bank and all 3 three of them moved to one side of the boat to avoid the limbs. The outcome was 3 wet fisherman, 2 lost poles, lost tackle etc. etc. We gave them a shuttle to their vehicle so they could be on their way. While loading the boat on the trailer it was noticed one of the trailer tires was going flat. Not wanting to change the tire, the fisherman were in a hurry to get to town before the tire was completely flat. In their haste they did not tie the boat to the trailer. As they rounded the driveway onto the road at an excessive speed the boat fipped off the trailer onto the road. The boat landing on the pavement crushing one side of the fiberglass drift boat. The only remaining fishing pole was broke. After loading the boat back onto the trailer, they changed their now flat tire. While talking with them as they changed the tire I discovered they had borrowed the boat, poles and all from a buddy.

Fishing the South Santiam River for steelhead in the 80's with my fly fishing guru, Roger Stratman (now deceased) when a new fly fisherman showed up for about 4 days in a row. He was a total novice- too small a rod, no steelhead flies, no tapered leader, no line backing and on and on. After a few days, Roger who was real hard to get information from, approached the young man and gave him some flies, tied on a leader and showed him how to fish the hole. As we watched him start to fish Roger stated that he was a seminary student studing to preach the word of God. He definitely had God on his side, because he immediately hooked a good size fish, which promptly beached itself on the shore with one screaming run. Good thing because without backing he probably would have lost the fish and his line.

Located at Sea Harvest Seafood Restaurant

107 N Riverside Dr New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169

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